An intellectual push to write

I’m being pushed, harder than ever before, to grow in my liking of country music. Over the past year, I’ve found a couple of country music blogs that have helped to take my appreciation for the genre to another level. My  favorite of those blogs is Country Universe because their posts illicit intellectual and thought-provoking discussions. No longer do I find myself merely liking songs or albums. Instead, I’ve been forcing myself to quantify my reasons as to why I like or don’t like the latest hit single or album.

The writers there are passionate about country music and the discussions provoked by the latest single review or best of countdown prove that there are people out there like me – people who care to have discussions about country music. People who understand the genre well enough to provide truthful commentary. They’re the main reason I don’t have a strict country music blog – why would I want to try and emulate them? Plus, my passion for writing is far deeper than country music, I would never be fulfilled if my writing was only on one subject.

I took a class in college last spring dedicated to writing about the arts, and I learned how to effectively write different kinds of entertainment writing. The instructor had us thinking on a deeper level about the world of entertainment around us. He got me thinking about the quality of the art clogging up our airwaves and exploiting the real estate of primetime. He allowed me to look differently at films, and see when the need to have a hit outweighed the quality of the product.

I’ve learned that developing into a better writer means also becoming a more effective thinker. You cannot have one without the other. Thinking is the foundation of writing. Without proper thought, writing is just as collection of empty words.

When I read the posts at Country Universe, I see how much thinking has gone into their keen observations. With the simplest language they can covey a thought powerful enough to skew my thinking in one direction or another. Plus, they also have an ability to put into words what I may be thinking but don’t have the words to say.

I’ve always envisioned this blog as a place to put fourth my observations onto the world. That does tend to lean towards country music, but it isn’t exclusive to that. This blog has provided the outlet I need when I want to write. What began as editorials in my college newspaper has grown into something bigger.

I’m always thinking about what I want to write about next. The formation of topics is one of the best parts of this little project. When I go weeks without writing, I often get upset. But there are those times when nothing has been profound enough to hit me over the head and send me running to my computer. But when it does happen, there’s no stopping the flow of ideas. And the ideas are ever flowing…

Thank you, Country Universe staff, for being my current inspiration to bring my writing skills to another level. You are just the push I need. Here’s to a great 2011 0f blogging (even if you’re WAY ahead of me).

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