The 2009 CMA Telecast

Country Music blog, Farce The Music posted the following to their blog:

This is the most creative expression of the CMA’s I’ve seen. Of course, Country Music isn’t dead; Jamey Johnson did win song of the year for “In Color,” the single most important work to come out of 2008 in the genre.

 After watching the telecast I have to applaud the Country Music Association for being bold enough to turn over a new leaf and award different people. With all the hoopla surrounding the sweep by Taylor Swift, it is often swept under the rug that a new super group emerged before our eyes. I couldn’t be happier about Lady Antebellum helping to rob Rascal Flatts of a seventh straight vocal group award.  They have had a breakthrough year and look to have an even better 2010 with the January release of their sophomore set Need You Now. Boy, do we need them now!

I thought this was the best CMA show in years. It will be the most talked about for years to come. Taylor Swift has become the biggest star on the planet within just a few short years. Her singles have all gone at least top ten and she has managed to sell records in an era where record sales have hit record lows. I’m glad the CMA thought it important to recognize this shift in Country Music.

 The problem is, they went at it the wrong way. Taylor Swift did not need to win all four of those awards. She is, easily, the best songwriter in the genre right now, writing some of the most adult songs to come out of Nashville in years. “White Horse” beckons back to vintage Dixie Chicks and “Love Story” is a classic example of the country love song. She also makes the best videos since Faith Hill and Shania Twain.

 Her problem is, she looks weak when put up against heavy weights in her categories. Now, I love Taylor Swift for what she is, and Fearless is a great album. But how is better than Sugarland’s masterpiece Love on the Inside? Or Jamey Johnson’s That Lonesome Song? It doesn’t measure up against that company.

 In short, she won her awards prematurely. I feel like singers should have to earn Entertainer of the Year through years and years of hard work. Brad Paisley should’ve emerged the victor of that award. He has proven year in and year out that he puts together must-see tours and he holds the record for the longest string of consecutive number one hits since George Strait in the late eighties and the most in the soundscan era. American Saturday Night is his weakest album but that shouldn’t be held against him.

 I’m all for change, and I’ve declared my love for Miranda Lambert but I felt Carrie Underwood was robbed. She should’ve won something even if it was Musical Event for “I Told You So.” She is the current princess (Reba’s the queen) of country music and no one should overlook that. At least Carrie co-hosted. If that had gone to Taylor, too I think I would’ve barfed.

 I enjoyed all of the show. I liked the Barbara Mandrell tribute but I’m over Martina McBride. That was such an uninspired performance. She needs to take a good look and focus on fixing her issues. She’s lost herself. Covering country classics has become cliché as of late.

 Carrie Underwood should never have worn…whatever that was. She is a sweet girl and that didn’t help her much. Were those, hot pants? I was turned off by the sex aspect of the whole thing. She’s way better than that. Even her ACM dress (that maroon mass of fabric) was better than that.

 I’m happy for Darius Rucker. He is the newest male vocalist in Country Music and a welcome addition to the genre. I love his singles thus far. He can do little wrong in my mind but has he proven himself yet? I wish the CMA had awarded Zac Brown Band instead as they bring a freshness into the genre not seen in years. Plus, they have a quality missing from today’s Nashville…they’re COUNTRY! Imagine that.

 Also, stop with people from outside the genre giving out awards. Patty Heaton and Neal Flynn? Really? They only made asses out of themselves on stage and added nothing to the awards show. Were other stars not free or something? Trisha Yearwood would’ve done a much better job!

Thank you CMA for a wonderful show this year. You progressed into the future and got America talking. Taylor Swift has not earned her winnings and you didn’t give the best group in country music, Zac Brown Band, anything, but you did put on the best show in years.

I will be watching the re-runs on CMT, I can tell you that!

 Now let’s see Miranda Lambert and Zac Brown Band win next year.

For the record…I’m not saying Taylor Swift didn’t deserve her winnings. I will never say that. She is a fantastic business woman and entertainer and knows what her audiences want. I just believe it was a bit much too soon. That’s all. Congrats, Taylor.

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