Miranda Lambert

Ever since I first saw Miranda Lambert on Nashville Star back in 2003, I knew I was seeing someone with amazing potential. The skills she showed on the show be it the song choices she made or her deep knowledge of traditional country music won me over big time. I love singers who are real and believe me, Miranda Lambert is the real deal. I was shocked when I picked up her first record and heard “Kerosene.” The tough girl, “I want to kill my boyfriend” side didn’t show on Nashville Star. It has grown on me and proved a winning asset for her.

I have loved all Miranda’s records in the past and think no less highly of her just released third album Revolution. It is the contemporary Country album of 2009 and a masterpiece. It isn’t flawless, but as close to perfect as any record is going to come in Nashville made by an act not named Sugarland.

 I love the adultness of the record and the pair of brass balls Miranda possesses. I’ve been singing the kiss-off song of the year all day; “Only Prettier,” in my head.  I’ve heard far more offensive lyrics, but how can someone get away with the line “I’m just like you/only prettier.” I love it when the thing everyone is thinking is finally said. How many women feel that way?

Other favorite tracks include “Time to get a gun,” “Me and your cigarettes,” and, of course, “Dead flowers.” This record is a must have for anyone who loves honest and truthful country music. The albums in which the singer bares his or her soul are far more rewarding than those manufactured in a studio.

I am rooting for Miranda to win the Female Vocalist award at the CMAs this year. Not that I don’t respect Carrie Underwood or admire Taylor Swift, the stylings of Miranda are needed right now. Carrie won for the last three years…she’s an amazing vocalist…we get it.

 There is no doubt that when given the proper vehicle, Carrie brings to mind vintage Faith Hill or Trisha Yearwood. But it is time for someone new. In a world where we don’t piss off the host of the show, please let Miranda win. Unless she scores a big hit soon, I fear she won’t be in the category much longer.


3 Responses to “Miranda Lambert”

  1. t bagley Says:

    Have also followed Miranda since Nashville……………………….didn’t know that she has brass balls.

  2. t bagley Says:

    Have the CMA’s on tape……..can’t wait to watch (after your stella review).

  3. Jono Says:

    She has changed since her “Nashville Star” days. She comes off much tougher now. I love her even more for it! I thought you had seen the CMA’s? You liked Taylor’s dress! They were really good…and worth the time of anyone who enjoys country music.

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